Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day!

Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine's Day 09-02-2018

Caring and baby are the most important part of Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day celebration. You can bank upon some really Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day.

Here are some really delicious Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day by which you can surprise your sweetheart and show him/her your cooking skills!!

Chocolate Almond Sauce!


  • One-eighth tablespoon Almond obtain
  • Half Cup bake almonds
  • Half tablespoon Vanilla
  • One and a half cup unsalted butter
  • One cup sugar
  • One-eighth tablespoon Kosher salt
  • Two ounces of food chocolate


  • Mix together the butter and the chocolate together until the mixture becomes special and then mix sugar as per your taste. Pour the mixture into heated water and whip it till the time the mixture melts and becomes special.
  • Now remove it from heat and stir gently by putting into cream and salt. Stir it only in one line following a regular paste pattern.
  •  After sometimes remove the mixture from heat and blend it in vanilla and then decorate it with almonds and almond obtain.
  • Now the Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day is ready you can serve it your sweetheart with a bunch of red roses to tell him/her that how much you care.

Cherry Pie!


  • Two crust pie pastry
  • Two tsp tapioca
  • Two tsp Margarine and butter
  • One Cup coarse sugar
  • Half tsp Almond obtain
  • Three cups tart frozen cherries


  • Blend sugar, cherries, almond obtain and tapioca together and let it stand for 15 minutes.
  • Now put the blend thus get in a 9-inch pie plate which is lined with pastry and put some butter on to the mixture.Heat it in an oven at 400 Fahrenheit until it is cooked properly and the loaf starts turning golden brown.Yummy Dessert Recipes For Valentine’s Day is ready.
  • Now you can decorate in your desired way.

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