Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories!

Valentine's Day Inspiring Love Stories 07-02-2018

Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories is considered to be a most powerful effort at have every existed to date!

But the bitterness is that most of the love couples were never able to complete their Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories and live happily ever after.

Their Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories have been written in golden letters in the Indian history and the history of the mankind.

Antony and Cleopatra!

It’s indeed Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love StoriesValentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories which the couples should be aware and get inspired from.After getting the message that Cleopatra had died, Antony kills himself finding the life useless without his love, even though the news was not a true one.

He dies in Cleopatra’s arms; thus, she commits suicide by taking some fatal snakes to bite her.Both of them, in the end, were buried together and then their love Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories remained forever.

Laila and Majnu!

Laila belonged to a rich family and so she was supposed to marry a rich guy so that she could live in glory. But fate had some different plans for her and she fell in love with a poor lad.Both of them were illegal from seeing each other and then lailLaila’sents married into a rich family.

She could not refuse being parted from Majnu and thus, she committed suicide. This was unbearable for Majnu and he killed himself on the grave of Laila.Their love story was such that Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories will remain as long as the universe exists.

Valentine’s Day Inspiring Love Stories Love! Desire! Inspire! This is the core of a happy life!!

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