3D printing pen is unique due to its popular characteristics.

While printing an object; extruder is used, in which plastic filament is heated.

Don’t you believe that….,

This is the fact that

Traditional use of pen has been abolished in this technique. It has given diversity to the world of drawing and fashion.

The extruder used in it has a very fine small nozzle. The assembly works with the carriage , which has tendency to move in the X-Y-Z axis (usually called as Cartesian coordinates) used on most consumer printers .

It has also tendency to perform more complex movement systems like delta, five, and six axis.

 A 3D pen removes this control system and quite literally places the extruder assembly in the hand of the user.

 The extruder assemblies used in it can print with PLA or ABS.

 3D pen has been manufactured on the idea of CNC router machine.

Thus user feels free to create any type of free form models with the swing of his hands freely.

The Top 3Recommend 3D Pens for Christmas 2016!

  Product Price
3Doodler Pen  It is the pioneer 3D Pen, which has changed the whole scenario of drawings. It has newly been redesigned. You can even draw images in air very easily and smoothly. It is very simple to use. It has double tap button which enables free and constant flow of the melted plastic from the filament.  
Scribbler 3D Pen Indeed, the pen with the best seller properties; The extruder has accomplished built in properties. Temperature of filament is very balanced, having less weight as compared to other competitors pens.  
Samto 3D Pen Very simple to use like ordinary pen. Just pick it up and start drawing in the air at once. Its speed is well controlled with modern design.  It has been highly appreciated by students and veterans. It has light weight and speed control feature , which makes it unique and worth purchasing. Click here to check prices on Amazon.com  

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What Can the Best 3D Pens be used for?

The 3D pens are used for the purpose of drawings mostly.


With the passage of time, it has been evolutionized.

Now it is manufactured with the decorative or repair purposes also.

Artistic Uses

The artists have been over whelmed with the invention of 3D pens. They have warmly welcomed it throughout the world.

The days in which the artists had faced traditional hindrances, are the past stories now.

The mechanism used in it is very systematic and is based on the series of experimentations. The high yielded results have made the customers satisfactory. 

Decorations is another use

The 3D Pen also used for the decorative purposes.  You can easily write your name upon your drawing.

 You are also at liberty to put any type of text upon your drawn image also.

The “pop” design can also be drawn coupled with adding textures.

Helpful tool partnered with a 3D Printer

3D pens are also helpful for welding tools. This method can also be used for repairing printed parts.

With a little bit practice you can easily master the process of drawing images in the air and many more.

Why to Use a Pen Instead of a Printer?

The user with small scale work would find it more suitable for him against buying a printer.

The printer needs a complex and fully modeled 3D file to start anything. On the other hand, 3D Pen is user friendly and you can start drawing with the simple stroke of imagination.

What is the Best 3D Pen?

There are packs of pens available in the market, but the leading models have described hereunder;

The 3Doodler Review

Description: 3Doodler pen review

The 3Doodler made the history by taking first plunge in the market. it has set standard for the next competitors like the Makerbot Replicator  for 3D printers.

It was a great hit, but, with few flaws. Those flaws have been overcome in its new model. Its new size is similar to that of an ordinary pen.

The new model is slimmer and the filament has constant flow without interruption of any kind.

This next generation Doodler has an extra nozzle along with it and battery timing has been enhanced to three hours.


  • 2nd generation has minimized its earlier flaws.
  • Highly user friendly
  • Unique double tap feed button feature.


  • The end tip is soft and can be broken.

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Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen Review

Description: Samto Pen review

The Samto 3D pen has made remarkable entry on Amazon.

It is smarter and slimmer It is slimmer than the first generation.

Also available in other colors other than black.

It is available in three small spools of 1.75mm ABS filaments to use.

The 3Doodler uses 3mm filament.

Well balanced speed control system and temperature control system.

Its reviews are found satisfactory after thorough experimentations.


  • Automatic standby mode after 5 minutes idle.
  • Filament jamming detection.


  • Not reliable for the use of long term
  • Has normal built in technology.

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Scribbler 3D Pen Review

Description: Scribbler 3d pen review

The Scribbler 3D pen is more modern than other competitors in the market.

It is ergonomic and is also among the best sellers on Amazon.

 Have a large LED screen displaying the temperature of the pen and its speed settings.

The1.75 mm filament is used in it with PLA and ABS temperature settings.


  • Good looking and attractive.
  • Unique large LED.
  • User friendly.
  • Has extended six speed settings.


  • Expensive

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7Tech 3D Printing Pen Review

Description: 7tech 3d pen review

The 7Tech 3D pen is similar to that of Samto’s pen.

It gives the caution in the case jamming

Slim smart and attractive.

Positive reviews in its favor have increased its standing on the Amazon.


It is cheaper than Samto’s and easily available in the market.

The 7Tech’s pen uses 1.75 mm filament having fewer ABS spools.

 It is long lasting and very lightweight with user friendly feature.


  • Reliable.
  • User friendly.
  • Nice LCD display.
  • Automatic Standby at idle stage after 5 minute.
  • Caution at jamming.


  • Instructions are poorly described.

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MYNT3D 3D Pen Review

Description: MYNT3D 3D Pen review

it is the new comer to the world  in 2016.

The MYNT3D has introduced this new and brilliant well featured pen.

Can be operated and monitored from 130 Celsius to 240 Celsius with small variations.

It is remarkably smaller, smarter and delicate than other competitors.

It is also friendly for the use of kids also.

The “double tap” feature  has enhanced its performance and the pen is getting exceeding popularity on Amazon.


  • Highly user friendly.
  • Unique OLED display
  • Slimmer.
  • Available at normal prices.


  • Seldom reports of the jamming of the filament.

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