Pakistan Won The War From India. Pulwama Attack… True Facts Revealed

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has clearly told India that he would never tolerate any type of aggression against the state. He also told that he is ready to enter in to the discussion with the India about the terrorism attack at Pulwama.
India has bitterly failed to get any support from the world about the so-called terrorism attack at Pulwama, and  Pakistani ambassadors throughout the world, has convinced the modern world that such attacks were never supported by the Pakistani government.
The permanent envoy and ambassador of Pakistan at United Nation, Dr maleeha Lodhi has told publicly that she also met with the United Nation Officials and told that Pakistan is never involved in anti-terrorist activities. She father told the United Nation that Pakistan is a peaceful country and and Pakistan has also been subjected to the terrorism for which they have lost the of lives of Army officers, army man along with the lives of innocent people.
The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has expressed his views that Kashmir is a living problem and a bone of contention between the Pakistan and India and recent attack of Kashmiri on the armed forces of India at Pulwama was the result of agitation against the freedom movement of Kashmiris in the region. He added that, without solving the Kashmir problem in India, India cannot  overcome the reign of terrorism in the region.
The Kashmiris are struggling for the freedom and their rights to get a separate land for the last many decades. But they are subjected to unending force by the Indian armed forces.
The print and electronic media of India has created a reign of terror through their columns and speeches on their respective media for which  a constant tension has been created between the two neighbouring countries and this would also hinder the peaceful states of Asian countries.
The foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi has already given the statement about the tensioning position of Pakistan and India and has totally denied the version taken by the Indian government for accusing Pakistan being  involved in the terrorist attacks at Pulwama.
It is not out of place to mention here that both Pakistan and India are capable of atomic warfare and if ,there would be any tension between the countries, then there are chances if the tention ,  exceeded to warefare, it would lead to a drastic end to the region.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has also told the media that all these allegations levelled against Pakistan are to just get support from the Hindi people to get vote in the upcoming election.The Government of BJP has failed to demonstrate any good leadership before their masses for which there trapping Pakistan in the shape of a design of terrorism to get the goodwill from the masses in the election.
The India is neglecting to come on the table about the peaceful talk between the two neighbouring countries. In spite of  constant demand of Pakistan for the Peaceful talks between the countries, India is trying to get away from the table talk and want to get their own desired results from their own  planned designs.
So,In the end in the prevailing circumstances, it can be summed up that  India has left with no option to come on the table and talk with the Pakistan about the matters to be solved between the countries. It is also not out of place to mention here that India has preferred to go to the International Court of Justice about the matter of kulbhushan Jadhav and There are the chances that the drama of   Pulwamafull attack may also been designed in the pretext of putting pressure on Pakistan for the release of kulbhushan Jadhav. But such designs can never be welcomed by the Pakistan which arer concocted and baseless. The powerful government of Pakistan headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan has convinced the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country and can never go beyond the limits of the rights of the people of the other countries. The president of United States of America, Donald Trump, has also expressed his point that Pakistan and India should go side by side to solve their problems.
The anchors of Indian media is trying best to help the illegal cause of the Government of India by putting questions upon the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, and also putting baseless and vague question upon the  President of United States of America Donald Trump. But their questions were rebutted by the both above mentioned personalities and negated any chances of of the involvement of Pakistan in the attack of Pulwama .

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