• Pakistan has got   impeachable fame after the arrest of Abhinandan, the fighter pilot of Indian Air Force, and In response giving a good behavior towards him.  
  • This fighter pilot was trying to attack the sensitive parts of Pakistan, was shot by Pakistan Air Force and Abhinandan was arrested when he jumped from the fighter plane through parachute.
  • The quick and efficient soldiers and officials of Pakistan army instantly reached at the spot and rescued Abhinandan from the mob and took him in a safe custody.
  • Pakistan army has been appreciated throughout the world by giving a good and reasonable behavior towards him. The pictures and video of Abhinandan is on the internet, and this act of Pakistan army has been welcomed by the modern world.
  • Abhinandan can be seen in a video while taking cup of tea in a friendly atmosphere, and giving is statements about the behavior of Pakistan army in in which he told that he was very impressed by the behavior of Pakistan army because the mob was near to attack him, but due to the timely rescue operation of Pakistan army he was rescued from them.
  • The Indian Army claims that  they had short one Pakistani F16, but their such claim was never corroborated through any cogent evidence. But, the arrogant act of the Indian government trough Indian Air Force is before the eyes of the world that two fighter airplanes of India entered into the premises of Pakistan and were short.
  • After the rest of the Abhinandan, now India has to be very careful about any further attack on Pakistan.
  • The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has addressed the nation and also told the whole world that they need not to take any advanced step regarding any war with India.

During his address, he told the world that if any war would start between the two nuclear countries, neither Narendra Modi nor Imran Khan would be able to end it. So, he suggested that the negotiation between the countries would be appropriate for the dispute between Pakistan and India.The Director General Inter Services Public Relations ISPR , has told in a press conference that Pakistan army had locked six targets in the held Kashmir, just to tell Indian army  that they are ready for any combat between the countries, but, they are reluctant to take any step against them. He further told that locked targets were in the reach of Pakistan army but were avoided deliberately.Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Federal foreign minister has told the nation that India has some design to attack Pakistan which may be in the shape of air attacks or India can also  attack through artillery.Whatever the case may be, the Pakistan has told through his positive act, be a positive response to Abhinandan and through showing his defencive measurements to the world that Pakistan is least interested to take measurements for any war.It is not out of place to mention here that whole the nation is on a single point agenda that in case of any war the whole Nation would support Pakistan army and Pakistan government in the leadership of Imran Khan.On the other hand, Indian media is trying to provoke a sense of humility and terror in the minds of people of India and is trying to prepare them for a deadly war.21 major opposition parties against the  BJP have formed a collision against the Government of BJP led by Narendra Modi and demanded that Narendra Modi should take steps to get confidence from the Indian people.Narendra Modi is in a f phobia of War, and the world is trying to convince him that his such act would disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the region.It is also crucial that Pakistan is trying to form a peaceful atmosphere at its Western border.Peace talks between taliban and United States of America are in  the pipelines. It can be ascertained that India has tried to destabilize the Eastern border just to convert the attention of Pakistan from the peace process of Afghanistan.
kulbhushan Yadav was also arrested by Pakistan army with the allegation of terrorism in Balochistan. India has been trapped in its own mousetrap, and through his unrealistic and unconvincing attitude , her ill will desires have been unveiled before the world.

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