Islamophobia, its causes, and how to end Islamophobia

The recent attack at a Muslim mosque in New Zealand has created a series of new debates about the increase of Islamophobia in the world.

Islamophobia in New Zealand

The recent attack by an extremist

has surprised the social and moderate circles of the world.

The way the drama of killing innocent people during prayer was filmed and shared live on social media has created a different question on the increasing reign of hatred and violence against the Muslims.

Origin of Islamophobia

Phobia is always used in negative terms by referring it to a specific extreme state of mind.

It also reflects extreme hatred to a specific feeling.

Phobia against Islam is as long as the origin of Islam .

In the modern world, it originated at the eve of the 19th century and reached to its extreme after the event of 9/11.

It is also not out of place that some extremists also paved the way to enhance Islamophobia due to their violent behavior also.

But, truly speaking, the phobia against Islam increased due to the rapid popularity of Islam in the USA and the Western world.

18 Causes for Islamophobia and the attack at Christ Church New Zealand

There can be numerous cause of this attack but some prominent are hereunder:

  1. The rapid increase in the popularity of Islam.
  1. The western world has held the whole muslim world accused of the event of 9/11
  1. The negative media propaganda against Islam.
  1. Lack of communication between the Muslim world and the literary circles of the world.
  1. The inner conflicts between the muslim world has collectively disturbed the image of muslims.
  1. Lack of any collective effort by the Muslim world to represent their version of peace and harmony to the people throughout the world.
  1. Increase in poverty in the muslim world
  1. Lack of education has increased the terrorism in the muslim world specially.
  1. Lack of peace in the Muslim world has also increased terrorism in their respective countries. Education can only be a tool to bring harmony in the mind of people of all religions.
  1. There is no organization at the states level or at the UNO level to tackle the extremism relating to religions.
  1. Lack of communication between the religious leaders to harmonize the relations.
  1. Lack of interest of religious relating to the issues of terrorism.
  1. Increasing literary stuff on the projection of a sense of superiority of some specific religion and criticizing other religion.
  1. Increasing reign of terror in the shape of terrorism.
  1. Lack of sense of responsibility of Electronic, social and print media in publicizing negative thoughts against any religion Just to create thrill in their news.
  1. Weak legal system leading to acquittal of culprits responsible for terrorism in their respective regions and countries.
  1. Lack of special international law relating to terrorism leading to untrollable terrorism throughout the world.
  2. Lack of any campaign worldwide to create love and harmony between the nations and religions.

10 Solutions to end Islamophobia and extremism in religions

  1. UNO should make a declaration for the world to end terrorism and strict international laws should be formulated against the violation of fundamental rights of the people throughout the world.
  1. Electronic, social media should be dealt with strictly worldwide in case of promotion of any stuff relating to any sense of hatred to any specific religion or promoting any sense of superiority to any nation or religion. There should be a single declaration that all people are equal irrespective of any religion, region, nation, creation, caste, color or creed.
  1. Awareness in the shape of education and motivation for the love of humanity would act like a catalyst to end Islamophobia and terrorism in the world.  
  1. Religious leaders of all the religions should once in a year meet to exchange their beliefs, thoughts, strategies and suggestions to bring harmony between the religions of the world. This can only be done if the special laws are formulated in this regard and the whole world will be familiar with the operation of such laws.
  1. The availability of arms and ammunition should be minimized.
  1. The arms race should be minimized between the rival countries.
  1. Each country should publicly declare  the radical and leftist and should keep strict eye on their movements.
  1. Laws relating to minorities should be made at the international level and infringements of their rights can be challenged at the International Court Of Justice.
  2. The country in which terrorism has been committed should be held responsible for such an act.
  1. An intervention of rival states and resulting in terrorism should be termed as an international crime. Such a state should be termed as Terrorist State and such states should face economic sanctions.

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