If you Don’t sleep properly that means you are victim of insomnia. Actually Insomnia is lack of sleep habitually.


Depression is the main cause of sleeplessness. Mostly it increases with age. Insomnia is the main symptom of depression. People suffering from insomia has 10 times higher risk of becoming depressed then people who take sleep regularly.

Daily Routine:

If you are depress then your daily routine may also disturb. You can’t focus on your work properly, and in return you are victim of sleeplessness.

Type of insomia:

wake up during night
Don’t take good sleep of 8 hrs
Trouble in falling asleep

Symptoms of depression:

Lack of loved once
Lack of money
Missing of moments you enjoyed once

How to avoid depression

Don’t take alcoholic drinks during mid hrs of day
Do exercise early in morning
Don’t miss breakfast

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