Litigating Truck Accident Cases!

Litigating Truck Accident Cases.While passenger car insurance policies mostly carry $60,000 in personal injury treatment, semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are mostly insured for over a million dollars.

In order to give yourself the best chance at a successful settlement, you need an attorney on your side working to collect and keep any and all evidence that helps support your claim Litigating Truck Accident Cases.

The truck’s electronic logging device!

In an attempt to limit the number of a Litigating Truck Accident Cases by the driver feeling, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has put in place firm limits on how long a trade truck driver can be on the road.Electronic logging devices enclose detailed information their hours on the road, as well as their rest periods.

The truck’s electronic control module!

Also known as the black box, the big rig’s electronic control module (ECM) is a device responsible for collecting data about the voltage banking, choke, brakes, fuel injectors and other aspects of the engine.

Dash cams and other video evidence!

Most trucking companies now install dash cams in their trucks in order to get a principles picture of their drivers’ playing.This video can provide precious proof when it comes to deciding fault in an auto Litigating Truck Accident Cases accident.

The truck’s maintenance, repair and inspection history!

Trucking companies may sometimes pinch when it comes to letting their vehicles because they are looking to save money.This in and of itself may help prove the carelessness part of your claim.

In order to preserve this kind of proof, it is important to know how to access it. As one of Dallas’ first-nightLitigating Truck Accident Cases injury law firms, our attorneys can help you obtain this proof for no out-of-pocket cost.

In fact, we never earn a fee unless (and until) we win your case and put money in your pocket. Call us today at 1-877-405-4313 for a free discussion.Litigating Truck Accident Cases.

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