Video Games Affects The Brain!

Video Games Affects teenage Video game is a popular stage of entertainment.Video games common spending 3 million hours per week in front of their screens. Are these effects positive or negative.Scientists research that   video games involve the brain and behavior.


Video games and brain changes!

A growing of body proof show that video game affect the brain and beside cause many part of the brain.”Games  sometimes cheer  or demonized, often  real data back up those assert.Game is a popular  activity so, your brain strong.  Playing video games not  changes how our brains perform but also their form.”It’s like that video games  both positive and negative factor it is basic we hug  this complexity,”.


Brain are Training Games Helpful!

Raise  in the performance of  brain that results from brain training games. They have said  science does not support  assert.There are  very little proof  these types of games  improve your life in a meaningful ways. These skills be likely very particular  and not show  lot of move.


Video Games Support Memory!

Use of a particularly designed 3-D video game,  performance could be improved in older adults and some of the adverse effects on the brain united with aging, change.After 12 hours of training  over the After 12 hours of training over the space of month, study member  aged between 60 to 85 years improve performance game  top of isolated their  playing  game for the first time of  month, study member aged between 60 to 85 years improve performance on the game isolated of  20 playing the game for the first time.


Proved Protection!

Planning video games in particular bond in improve brain concern together with older  adults and may provide protection against Dementia  and Alzheimer disease.The effect of video games on  brain is a new land of research that  continue to be tour.

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