Best life hack’s that everyone should know.

Best life hack’s In nowadays life is so busy and faster so its very important to do work fastly and find some shortcuts.

These are simple and easy hacks for all everyone children adults women and girl’s.
Here are some cool and wonderful surprising hacks.

1. Hair dryer for drying clothes

If you are going anywhere in party or event and your desired dress or outfit is partially dried so don’t worry. Just take your hair dryer and dry your clothes. No wait for hours its cool.

2.Power cut or no light                           

 what shortcut use.if some one facing problem of load shedding or power cut so don’t worry it’s amazing tip. Get a water bottle and one rubber band.Turn on flash light and tie it with bottle. Light will spread a lot of in the whole room.

3.Get ice cold drink in minutes

If you love ice cold drinks and your beverage is at a normal temperature, wrap and paper towel around the beverage bottle and place it in the freezer. Within 10-12 minutes, the drink will get completely frozen and ice cold!

4.Do not have a toothbrush stand?

Follow this If you do not have a toothbrush stand, get a glass, tie some rubber bands horizontally and vertically to make partitions and settle the toothbrushes in different segments! This will make tooth brush storage and usage easier!

6. The coolest health tip doctors say

is to drink plenty of water every day and if you are among the people who often forget to drink enough water, mark your water bottle over time. Make sure you drink the amount of water you decided with this marked bottle!

7.Store herbs like pro

life Fresh herbs are very low and if you want to store fresh herbs for any emergency, put the herbs into a huge container, add water and freeze it. Ice cubes will keep the herbs fresh and when you need to use them, melt the water!

8.Measuring battery life

If you want to measure battery life, just lift the battery and make it fall off. If the battery stands with a little bounce, it has a lot of energy, and if it is excluded and falls off, it has very little life left!

9.Arrange clothing in a vertical way!

If you get a messy drawer while looking for your favorite clothes, arrange your clothing in a vertical way in your wardrobe. This will make all clothes visible to you and you can choose from your favorite!

10.Use tricks for nail polish

We all love nail polish which gets very messy while we apply it to feet feet. When fingers touch each other, the polish stains bother you. To prevent this, place pencils and pencils between your fingers that will help you get clean nail polish in your legs!

11.Use ear buds for nail polish remo

We all face this issue when nail polish from the edges and corners will not go down easily. For this, dip the ear buds cleaner into the nail polish remover and clean the nail polish from the edges! This will give you fast clean nails!


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