3 Amazing Parts to Live a Healthy Lifestyle!

Healthy Lifestyle  is a casts of God.Health entail  more eat and infrequent short walk every day.You want some attempt your health as well.Live to a health lifestyle regular wish health food, some exercise,physical activities,daily way and system good sanitation.Lifestyle may require even alteration but improve health carry out it.

Part 1!Healthy Foods!


 1-Choose food that hold smallest size of unhealthy overweight!

Overweight cover both trans overweight.These overweight move up your LDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol be connected  with increased danger heart disease.

Foods are trans overweight cover foods made with in part  hydrogenated oils”such  shortening or margarine.Foods that high cover pizza, meat,full heavy product.Coconut oil heavy increase good cholesterol.

2-Eat healthy heavy moderation!

Poly-unsaturated, mono-unsaturated and omega-3 are good lifestyle choices. Good heavy lower your   LDL cholesterol and lift your HDL cholesterol be connected with danger heart disease.

Choose oils , canola, soy, peanut, sunflower, and corn oil.

Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids,choose fish  containing salmon,tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring.

3-Foods select are low sugar and high tasteful carbohydrates.

Your reduce waste sweets,sugary fruit juices,white bread and drink.Choose fresh fruit,fresh crush juice and  grain bread preference4-Eat a type of different foods rather of eating processed foods!

Foods gave a balance of healthy  carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients.

Eat fruits and vegetables are high  vitamin and subject matter.Eat plenty fresh fruits and vegetable hold added sugar and salt.

Choose bend meat,beans and tofu their protein subject matter. grains  wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and quinoa are best foods.5-Embrace pesticide-free foods!

Natural foods store buy foods a local former market. Pesticide-free foods not healthyful for you,but they hold as much pesticides leftover foods.They are mostly eco friendly too.

Part 2! Some exercise!1-Start and finish you  work with stretching!

Stretch your stop.Move up left leg and your heel beside the wall.Carry for about 30 seconds, then cover other leg.Bow your right knee and left foot front you.Shift body weight into your left leg.Your left arm across chest and cover with your right arm.cover the stretch for about 30 second,then repeat the other side.2-GO gym 5 times per week!

Work out an hour both stretch training programs.Expert approve  at least 150 minutes moderate activities daily week3-Exercise your neighborhood!

Go for a run take your hound for walk.You move at first step in 30 minutes.

4-Firm daily activities!

High intense garden and house keep or  exercise your body.You also take in daily activity rather of lift, park,shops and fast walk on your lunch break5-Channel your car! 

Walk a bike or destination rather.If  use public transport if a few stops and rest on walk the way.

Part 3!Stop unhealthy practice1-Stop yo -yo dietetic!

Weight lost to improved your lifestyle and work hard state rather cycling down,up full-scale .

2-Visit away from fad regimen!

Prevent  liquid regimen and other regimen complement you are unless control  of physician.3-Exercise for the moderation!

work out too long and too much intensity raise your danger for injury.raise some rest between workout.4-What your weight!

overweight and underweight two are danger for your health,this for not a healthy stats. Cheakup your doctor and respectable morals weight your age or body type.5-Stop smoking and drink intake!

Smoke connected type of your health risk containing heart,liver disease,many cancer disease,alcohol poisoning and desperation.6!6-7 to 9 sleeping!

Studies shown that sleep less be likely  to weight and more .Your plain for between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.Before the 13 to 19 year old children need more sleep.Young children need between 10 to 14 hours, school age children between 9 to 11 of sleep, teenagers between 8 to 10.


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