10 ways to avoid lying

avoid Lying, you’re lying if you say you have not lied at least once in your life. Whether it is on a small or larger scaling lie has been said and directly affects a series of events that occur afterwards.

That’s why we created 10 ways to avoid lying. Many lost their friends because of lies, and some even lost some of his family members. What’s even worse about lying is the fact that once you start it’s like a gate for more lies.

Below the line you will find yourself having to make up stories so as not to get caught up in a lie and frankly it’s just quite stressful and annoying. So here are 10 ways to avoid lying as we hope to help you break the cycle and grab your life.

1. speakl the truth

We may start as well with the most obvious ways. Simply tell the truth directly helps you avoid saying a lie and get yourself in trouble. Not to mention it will ease the need to learn more lies in order to cover what you have already said.

2. Come Clear

If you’ve already told one lie the best thing you can do to stop a cycle is to come clean. I admit that you lied and just moved. The person you lied to may even respect you a bit to own up you lying about.

3. Stay Out of Tricky Situations

Often a lie comes when you get yourself in a difficult situation. So, the best way to avoid lying is to avoid putting yourself in sticky situations that can land you in hot water. Not to mention your life will be much less stressful when you are not down in difficult situations

tricky situation

4. close It

If it feels like you’re going to lie, do not say something damn. Silence is the best way to keep yourself from saying a lie that can lead to a lot of others. So the best thing to do is keep the trap closed and keep moving

5. Think About How You Would Feel

Have you ever lied? If so, we are confident that it was not a good time for you. You did not get hurt and you really do not want that kind of guilt on your hands. It’s just not worth it so put people’s feelings before a stupid lie.

5. Is It Worth Lying?

Have you ever found yourself lying about a situation that you could easily have told the truth about? Well the next time you think about whether or not it’s worth even telling the lie before you go ahead and add this stress to your life.

6. Practice

Practice makes perfection literally applicable to virtually any situation. With lying practice should probably tell the truth in some smaller cases. This way when you find yourself in pickles, you’ll be ready to really make your way out of it.

7. Stay Away From Liars

If you really want to avoid becoming a liar, you probably do not want to surround yourself with other liars. These people are likely to get in a mess of complete trouble that you just better off away from yourself. So, trench the liars and find some honest people to spend your time with.


8. Take Notes

Monitor other situations around you and learn from others’ mistakes. Those situations will play out right in front of your eyes and you can either make the same mistake or choose the path of truth. Do not add to break a vicious circle free of it


9. Call Out The Liars

If you happen to catch someone in a lie call them. How does this help you? Well, you will turn to someone standing on the truth instead of having others around you lying to lie. Once that happens so well there is no need for you to enter the path that you choose to stay away from

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