Top 5 Famous Ways to Fair your Skin in Winter Season.Very easy

Fair Skin We mostly see in our around that mostly people skin look very glow and look like black. They can not show their hands in front of every one. They always try not to show their skin to others. To prevent this problem. Now offering you a new technique only on

There are many methods for this but major 5 methods are given below.

 Banana and Milk Cream

Take two spoons of ripe banana and Mix it with milked cream. Make a smooth paste. Now you can use this paste on your affected skin. You will be your surprised to see the result after using this. It is very simple and easy method. Everyone can use it in at home.


Honey, Egg,Olive Oil

This method is quite easy and simple to do at home. Simply take an egg and beat it in a a bowl and then mix one spoon of honey and olive oil in it. Make a fine paste. You can use it now on your face, your hands and other parts of skin excuse it for just 10 to 15 minutes. Clean your face with water. You will happy to see its amazing result.

Curd and Honey

Simple and easy. Take 1 spoon of Curd and 1 spoon of Honey. Make a paste and use it on your skin. Must wash your face or your skin at where you have used after 10 minutes.

Milk And Almonds

Vitamin is very important atom for our skin. For this we can use almonds and milk. It prevents us from sun light and other factors that affect our skin in winter season. Soak 4 to 5 almonds in milk overnight. In morning, make a paste and then use it for skin. It shall work for your skin betterment.

Avocado and Olive Oil

Easily available at every one’s home. Simply take two spoons of avocado pulp and mix it with one spoon of olive oil. Make paste and use it on your skin. See what happens.

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