Face Facial by Natural Homemade Things

Natural things used for facial best result

Face Facial Its time to used beauty ? products all over the world but now trend is changing because beauty products have side effects so it’s better to use natural thing’s.so this is cheaper and have no side effects.

There are following ways to do facial at home.

Take one tablespoon yogurt and one banana mash banana.Mix yogurt and mashed banana together and do cleansing by this,mixture for 10-15 minutes then Wash it gently. You will observe your face will glow and look’s soft.

Take 2 or 3 almond dip in hot water then Peel almond and make it’s paste. Mix almond paste with raw milk and apply on face do masaging for 10 minutes then wipe it with cotton or tissue.

You see the result on your face its glowing and cleaned.

Cleansing of black Head’s

Commonly black heads are on nose. So take phatkari and basin raw milk make paste. Apply that paste on nose when it dry take soft cloth put on your face nose remain naked take steam. After taking steam just rub nose and face where black head or white heads will come out.


It’s completed facial now take rose water spray on your face that masam do not remain open.For few hours don’t go on SUNY place.

Face facial done by natural way have no side effects and also cheaper as well.

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