How to take care of skin in winter

How to take care of skin  Fits season of winter cold dry air. Dry air  really effect on your beautiful skin change into in that situation every girl want to look glowing in winter as well.
This time to take care of some tips in your mind to make your skin glowing in winter.

Before deciding how to take care firstly which type of skin you its little tricky thing you observe your skin either its oily or dry or normal or itchy skin.

Change of season also change in your for avoiding from weather changing effects some useful tips that make your skin flawless beautiful and glowing in winter.
Hence you must know following steps.

1. Protect hands by wearing gloves

Don’t make your skin to dry for long time so wear gloves in hands , socks in feet protect from dry air.Also wear scarf or cap to protect hair from dryness.

2.Use moisturizer

Moisturizer are realy good in winter friendly for go to market and take any moisturizer according to your skin.moisturizer that suit your skin can be organic works long lasting.
Sunscreen lotion available for winter season protect from tanning of sun.if you apply Sunscreen lotion you can take sun bathing without darkening your skin.

3. Maintain temperature

Use heaters to maintain temperature inside home. Make sure temperature should be warm not hot.If your skin face hot temperature may irritate your skin glow so be careful.

4. Change your beauty products with weather

With change of weather change your beauty products should use moisturizing products which contain vitamin A , vitamin E , green tea extracts these products contain antioxidants do your skin repair also increase glow of skin.

5. Eat balanced diet

Eat healthy and balanced diet full of vitamins fibers and proteins.Drink plenty of water ,juices.water will retain your skin in cold season.Eat dark leafy green veges .potato almonds curd , citrus fruits like oranges.

6. Take care of your feet

Feet needs extra care apply lotion which contain glycerin or petroleum jelly on daily basis.wear socks protect from cold air cause dryness.Do pedicure on regular basis to remove dead skin cells.

7. Use Diy masks

Take care your skin by applying face can make it at home.ingredients are in every home like honey , Alo Vera, Avocado, Yogurt , Olive , moisturizer etc…
Mix that you want together make paste or cream apply on skin for 20 -30 minutes for lasting results glowing skin.

Some more easy tips

☆ . Avoid bubble bath in winter avoid dryness of skin.
☆. Apply moisturizer after taking bath.
☆. Take coconut oil in your diet one tablespoon daily for balance skin.
☆. Apply lip balm on lips at night.

With these simple handy tips you can take very good results as glowing skin in winter.


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