Natural Remedies for Anxiety (stress)

NAtural Remedies of Anxiety

In the world many of people suffering from anxiety maybe many reasons.some are worried , angry , sad , disappointed.someone upset due to work health money family love or studies.
few minds full of dreaming imagining and they wish to be relax.

So every one want to relax out of this all want peace so medication or drugs is not supposed soon for all the problems .
NATURE have solutions for all problem mild or high permanent or temporary.

Our blessing of earth is full of surprises and bundle of Allah do not disoppinted from nature it will give you solution of relaxing mind and providing peace.


Chamomile have compoud that works as valium brain receptor.If you ever feel nervous for presentation interviews or any compition just take cup of chamomile and keep in relax mood no anxiety no stress.

These are available in the markets in dried chamomile flowers which deals with anxiety disorders.people who suffered anxiety for 8 weeks then see change in decrease level of stress.

Green tea

Its wonderfull affects seen both relaxed and alerts mind.Green tea contain amino acid L-theanine that works on anxiety relaxation.
Green tea that reduce rising blood pressure and heart rate that reduce anxiety.
So anxiety of increasing weight can also be reduced by takeing 3-4green tea cup a day.


One of the best and safest way to fight against anxiety depression stress .it works like magic extremly good for the peacfull mind and jusy take time and regularity.If someone make its habbit of exercising will feel result.
It creat self esteem and healthy freshy feelings

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