How Nadeem Samtia earned $300 (30000pkr)in ten mints

how to earn and learn Nadeem samtia is the the talented guy who did his graduation in software engineering from uos in 2014 He is doing work online in different platform. he is working in different projects but that is his big sccuess that he earned $300 in 10 mints very amazing.he has lot of skills in computer

  1. wordpress developer
  2. Good marketer
  3. Graphics designer
  4. blogger
  5. business consultant
  6. seo expert

Now we will share the details how he has earned those $300 in few mints

Nadeem Samtia is working on fiverr from last three years so he has done near about the 80+ website projects and near about 300 logos  for different clients. these are all international clients

Now Nadeem Samtia told that he got the project that was logo client offer him to make her company brand name logo so she paid him $300


$10 tip too


Nadeem Samtia take 10 mints and make the logo for client but he delivered after 26 hours because that is the strategy when some time you delivered your work very fast client think that was very easy work so he did not include the hard work and experience and creativity

every teenage can earn and make money just you need the strong communications and high values.

you must have the skills for it but Nadeem samtia think skills comes when money come

Note: do not afraid if you do not have the skills.

How to earn and learn

so if you want to earn online please follow these steps and make money online

  1. make profile on any platform like fiverr upwork peopleperhours freelancer etc.
  2. send all offer or you have the bid do not waste any bid.
  3. do not say no to any client if you want to earn online always say yes to everyone.
  4. you must have the skills google searching  and strong confidence in yourself.
  5. stay online on your freelancer profiles and show the people you always stay online people prefer more that people who respond fast
  6. get project from client take the risk then you can learn just get the project and take the advance order from client and try yourself.
  7. you just need to believe in yourself that you can do it so nothing is difficult.

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