Glowing and glamorous look

Glowing and Glamorous look with makeup tricks

*Glowing skin with makeup tricks*
Now you take no worry about your dark skin.Today i tell you most effective cosmetic tricks which make you fawless skin glowing look.
There are some cosmetic products which help you to acheive glowing fawless look in few minutes.

*List of cosmetics*

Highlighter cream
Contouring makeup foundation
Translucent powder
Blush high quality makeup brushes
Tapered contouring foundation
Small concealer
Large powder brush

*Dimension creat*

Now strart with art of countouring apply cream concealer .Remember concealet applied should be lighter shade then your skin type.

Apply concealer with short storks also use concealer brush in middle of forehead Along with eye borrow bones center of nose under eyes center of your chin .then use contouring makeup where pups and dawn of skin.

*Layering and blended*

Now applying layers and blend it nicely in short circles using foundation brush.

*Pop your cheeks*

Donot try to creat blush by countouring .use blush close to your color tone and apply on apple of your cheeks.


*A hint of shimmer*

Shimmer highlighter creat bone structure and light have to apply needed quantity on high planes of face.applied on foreheas nose and center of chin.

*Set your glow*

Once complet layering give final and important touch of translucent powder.pluffy brush is used to set perfect fawless glamorous look.

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