Chocolate and coffee Cake

*Chocalate And Coffee Cake*

Today recipe is very delicious and affordable and very is combination of chocolate and coffee aroma.lets start…..
Chocolate powde 100grams
Strong coffee 100ml
Tablespoon liquid caramel
All purpose flour 150grams

Eggs 5
1tablespoon baking soda
Dark brown sugar 150 grams
Zest of 1 lemon

*Step 1*
First heat oven 180c then take cake pan margrine and dust with some flour.

*Step 2*
Take mixer beat eggs on medium speed ,brown sugar and lemon zest mix it untill homogenious mixture obtained.Add some choco powder ,coffee liquid mix it nicely.

Then mix some baking soda add flour beat it untill creamy homogenious mixtur obtained.

*Step 3*
Now put mixture into the pan and put into oven for 35 minutes in preheated oven 180 c.

*Step 4*
Now turn off the oven.Always remember donot open before time.after completing time take yummy well cooked cake from oven put it out on room temperature.serve it nicely yeah… prepared.

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