Deodorants home made

*Home made Deodorant*
Deodorants Body odor due to excessive sweating cause concern of many people.Body sprays work quite efficiently but they have side effects .artificial sprays made your skin darker and are not long lasting.

Many people are searching for solution.

Instead of using artificial sprays use deodorants so its better to use homemade natural deodorants.
So be ready and prepare your deodorants at home on natural bases things which says odors of armpit or sweating by by.


*Required things deodorants*
Baking soda
Essential oil, rosemarry oil , tea tree oil, levender oil.
Coconut oil

Arrowroot powder or corn starch

How to diy deodorants?

Take all the ingredients which are mentioned mix them well.Take clean dry jar put it into it use it it realy have good fragrance save from darkening of skin and its cheap as well.

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