Brain health 5 best food

Brain boosting foods

Brain is king of the body or like cpu of human body .Brain control whole system of body.It plays vital role in body.
Its commonly said that strong mind is in the strong healthy body
In that article i am going to discuss best foods that boost our brain system.

*1. Garlic*

Garlic is one of the best food for brain health.It is noted that best fighting diseases such as stomach issues , caner , colon , weight problems and hair problems .

But many of us do not know its such benefit that realy work that garlic consist of such elemenys that makes brain system strong and powerful.

*2. Berries*

Berries are acts like antioxidants which improve blood flow towards the brain cells and brain whole system.These berries boost our memory as well as our understanding system.

Berries have magical power that it makes our nervous system strong and powerful its seen that it also boost our coordination system and memory.

*3. Spinach*
Spinach is delicious in taste and contain many essential nutrients like vitamins B6 , B12 and fol ate.

Fol ate is really good job in concentration power and boosting spinach also help in brain work it makes brain signals strong and also connect with other parts of body.
Spinach release vitamins which contain neurotransmitters that boost brain system

It also reduce memmory loss ,depression.


Tumeric is one of the spices which is used in prevention of many diseases.It works good in healing process and inflamation.
Tumeric contain rich amount of omega -3 fatty acids that promote and boost brain cells and functions.


Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids That helps in brain functioning.

Eating fish makes visual memory strong.Mostly usage of fish improve mental capability.

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