*Heart attack , cholestrol and hypertention prevention world’s no#1 food.*

*Heart attack , cholestrol and hypertention prevention world’s no#1 food.*

The world’s no#1 healthiest food dates is one of them. It is king source of energy , sugar vitamins minerals and fibers.All vitamin like folate vitamin A ,k thiamin niacin and minerals like calcium sodium zinc iron and phosphorus.
Dates are used against many disesease prevention like strokes cholestrol hypertention and heart attack.

*Cholestrol prevented by dates*

It is offtenly seen that many people have cholestrol problem.cholestrol level increse and creat blood clots in blood vessels.
Dates acts like cleanser in that case .use of dates cleanse blood vessels break blood clots and regulate unhealthy cholestrol.

*Blood pressure regulated by Dates*

Now a days blood pressur is viral issue and dates acts like natral remedy to regulate blood pressire.For proper flow of blood five to six dates are enough that contain 80 mg of magnesium.

Amount of magnesium that required for spreading blood through blood vessels.so dates contain magnesium which regulate blood pressure and keep you healthy.

*Dates Save from strokes*

According to research intake of 400mg potaasium in daily basis can save you from strokes.Dates are big source of potasium .
By daily usage of dates can save from

Nervous system strokes

*Strenghthen the heart*
*_Secure from heart attack_*

Dates are the big cure of heart problems .Dates mskes heart stronger and healthiest fortified.
Soak some dates into water whole night in the morning strain water and remove seed add honey make tasty smoothie for bettter heart work.

  • *Dates control weight*

    Dates are good source of sugar level .Take dates in morninng on empty stomach.it will works like majic.
    Dates also maintain weight it contain alot of healthy compnent.


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