*Smoothies recipies*

_Smoothies for weight loss_

Its reality that drinking of your favourite smoties will offcourse reduce your weight.
Here is the article in which i tell you about smoothies that are realy good for losing weight and also good for health.

*1 .Good morning sunshine smoothie*

Those people who are tired of taking same flavour of smoothies daily can try this one it is delicious in taste and helps in weight loss in less time period.This drink contain strawberies kiwi and milk.which are rich in healthy nutrients like fibers , proteins , vitamin A and C.These are low saturated fats and cholestrol.

*Skiny blackberry banana smoothie*

This smoothie is awsum for both men and women those who want to loss weight in less time period.This skinny banana blackberry smoothie is easy to make in the morning.
This is also rich with nutrients , fibers , vitaminA and C proteins and iron.

*Strawberry pomegrante green smoothie*

Pomegranate and strawberry both are seasonal fruits.so in the season of fruits drink its smothie in the every morning.
This smoothie is antitoxidant which is in two layered.
Ingredients are spinach, pomegranate , coconut water and strawberries.

*Green drink*

Like its name it is combination of different fresh veggies and fruits .These helps in boosting body and also reduces excess weight.for its perfect time is morning time.

This is also rich in fibers.

*PB $J protein smoothie*

Its weight loss smoothie which is in good taste and also chalnging in weight loss.
This smoothie is packed with nutrientts proteins and fibers.ingredients are almond milk,peanut butter and strawberry Which contain less then 250-300 calories..

*Cran -peach smoothie*

This smoothies helps in reducing extra fat cells and body cholestrol by breaking fat cells which asists fats.
This drink contains cucumber , peaches ,green yougurt and cranberry juice.

So these are smoothies recipies for more updates join our parhaiz.com.

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