8 different Bridal makeup promo

Bridal makeup tutorial

  • Every bride wants to look awosum and prepare efficiently. From appearance , dress venue decoration ,and bridal every thing to be the best and also with good reasons .

If someone really want to clearly

understand how to make best promo bridal makeup then read that article .There are step by step method of bridal makeup.


Be ready firstly start with cleansing your face before doing start with moisturizer.Take good cleanser that suit your skin apply mild cleanser to clean impurities and dirt traces.Then clean your face with soft towel or cotton.Now apply a gentle moisturizer. moisturizer must should be checked not greasy it will be for long lasting.

2.Apply concealer on spots

Now you needed a concelar according to skin tone.concealer applied on pimples and other spots.use good concealer which hide dark circles and give good look.

3.Foundation according to skin complexion


Next step is foundation for bridal makeup.choose matte foundation with shade or color that match closely to you skin complexion.


Next step is the attention figure bridal eye makeup.No need to say your eyes should look attractive lovely and bright on your wedding day.Define eye with eye pencil.Highlight eyes with best eyeliner which play major role so choose branded eyeliner in good shape


Now fist thing to do curl eylashes with eyelashes curler to shape the eyelashes.now Apply mascara from root to tip of lashes.It gives little voluminous and expressive look.

6.Bridal hair styles

Bridal hair styl must should be according to trend which ill be according to bridal face shape and drss design with taking chuni.use some gel and hair pins to make hairstyle also used hair styler.

Now bridal hair and makeup is done so now its time to give look.

7.Li­pstic according dress color

Its time to pamper your lips which give lovely look to bridal.its essential to choose right shade of lipstick that match skin tone and attractive too.Matte lipstick is good for glossy and glamorous look.use lip liner as outline then lipstic.


8.Blush on, contour

Now give final touch apply blush on and highlight.blush applied on checks.smile and look your self in mirror where blush should applied.
To countour apply matte shades darker then skin tone.now use shimar brush to highlight plains such as T.zone and cheek bones.

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