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parhaiz.com is a unique website which unearths, tells and reveals the actual facts in variety of topics unexplained to anyone ever.

Meaning of Parhaiz in English

Perhaiz is an Urdu word which means the act of forbearing, the exercise of patience, the quality of being forbearing, indulgence to world of wonders are enemies are suffering for long term.

Why we used Parhaiz as our Domain name?

By using Parhaiz as our domain name we were really meant to cover all the subjects ; discussed and needed during the course of life.

What you would find in Parhaiz.com ?

In our website you would every type of suggestion in shape of articles, videos, tutorials and through live expert counselling to get cure from any type of problem.

We have covered all aspects of life ranging from

  • social,
  • economical,
  • political,
  • financial,
  • matrimonial,
  • fashion,
  • food,
  • health,
  • current affairs,
  • commerce,
  • social problems,
  • Manners,
  • Etiquettes,
  • Psychology,
  • Sports,
  • Debt issues,
  • Family disputes,
  • Legal counselling,
  • Case management,
  • Freelancing,
  • Earning money online,
  • Medium of learning online,
  • Religious spirit,
  • Humanity,
  • Bank credits,
  • Medical aid,
  • First aid,
  • Leasing process,
  • Automobiles,
  • Career counselling
  • Travel guide
  • Car purchase
  • Latest Mobiles
  • Laptop issues
  • Softwares for androids,MAc etc
  • Currency conversion
  • Measurement methods
  • Cloth and garments
  • World affairs and analysis
  • Sofism
  • Legal aid by world leading Lawyer
  • Freelancing
  • Fitness
  • Scholarships
  • Job opportunities

and many others,which would give you each and every knowledge regarding your problem in a most easiest way with a single click.

Never forget that….

knowledge revealed here would enhance your standard of life ; and an ample knowledge have been delivered  about the behaviour of the people with other to lead you to a better life.

All articles and suggestions would bring an unending happiness in your life in the shape of the Parhaiz.com.

Eye bird view of problems/topics discussed

1.Parental problems

If you are busy parents and facing problems regarding your children in respect of their behaviour with  you.

You would get each and every minute knowledge at our website.

2.Teenagers Problems

Are you a teenager…?

Having problems about life, living or with parents ????


Don’t bother it…

Our valuable articles, videoes, suggestions, tutorials and online counselling will guide your in every possible way to thrash out your problem; resultantly paving the way to build your remarkable career in your life.

Business Problems

If you are a businessman or a entrepreneur or you want to start a new business in your life then our website  would lead you to a beautiful career ahead for you.

Guidance for Sportsmen

If you are the sportsman and want to start any sport and want to become professional or amateur;  then you would be getting a lot of knowledge in our website.

You would get guidance regarding

  • precautions during the game
  • timetable to be adopted for the game,
  • consultation of any physician for maintaining your diet plan,
  • diet plan to manage your sports,
  • consultation with your physician before and after the game.
  • Training sessions
  • rest strategy
  • Use of supplements
  • Drawbacks of steroids
  • And all other related matters for building your career relating to sports.

Agriculture Support

Similarly, if you are a agriculturist and want to cultivate a specific crop in a specific area in a specific area of the world ; then , our expert opinion would guide you about the matter and you would be getting better annual yield as compared to the last year.

Special Guidance to Shopkeepers

Shopkeepers and  small businessmen have been given enhanced techniques relating to their business. The lectures would cover the smooth relationship between shopkeeper and customer.

Relation with retailer

Our lectures covers the technique and behavior to manage the ideal relationship with the retailer also .

Debt Issues

Is there anyone in the world who came through the crisis?

You are not the only one …

Scroll through our website and get your problem solved.

How to become a freelancer

You are a freelancer ???


Want to become a freelancer?


you would be having a lot of panoramic pictures in this regard and you would be having ample opportunities regarding freelancing at our website.

Our experts would guide you through their tutorials, videos and online counselling to master you all type of freelancing tools.

Hearty regards that you showed your interest in our website and being the part and parcel of our website.

You would always be satisfied with our great efforts in providing you every type of knowledge in a single website point.

Unlike others websites you would not be having any type of problem regarding the contact with the site owner.

Here, you would be having all possible opportunity to contact with the admin or the experts anytime while taking your valuable time at yout demand.

So, you are still not late to get the knowledge of the world through internet by our website.

Your kind consideration for having subscription of our website would be an asset for us and a long lasting relation would flourish day by day due to your timely response according to your will.

Your feedback about over work and your suggestions would always be appreciated with great zeal and zest.